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Join our weekly inspirational guidance and interactive, empowering webinars. Get access to our exclusive community for only $22 per month.

How It Works: What’s Included?

Each week you will receive easily understood informative wisdom to assist you in the development of mind, body and soul expanding experiences — Specialized knowledge as well as weekly video training.

Empower yourself with our Monthly Membership Experience. Learn the sacred knowledge and esoteric wisdom to create perfected balance of body/mind. Discover your life’s purpose and unlock your highest spiritual potentialities.

This treasure map of information based on natural law and ancient wisdom is designed to assist, inspire, and personally guide you in the development of soul and spirit. Creating inner balance, cleansing and cleaning of the body/mind, how to reverse the aging process, learning the secrets of longevity, organ cleansing, and unlimited health potential. How to truly bio hack your mind and body with simple techniques.

Uncover the ancient secrets to health, happiness, joy, fulfillment, expanding consciousness, and a love for life, a love for others, and most important, finding self-love and YOUniversal connection to source.

How its work
Mind Expansion Monday

You will receive weekly affirmations, as well as manifestation and (wo)manifestation methods for achieving inner peace and growth while making your dreams come true by belief, clarity, attraction, and spiritual practice. These inspiring tools are designed for mind expansion and spiritual growth. Included will be ways to enhance our daily human experience with others and our self. Explore different aspects of our spirit that will assist in bringing inner balance and peace to mind and body.

To create a deeper understanding of our inner world and to bring about balance in our outer world. Exploring our potential for optimal health, opening our heart to feeling unlimited in abundance and joy, while experiencing new life enhancing ways of living that may have not been known or considered before. To Introduce you to concepts, ideas and teachings, as well as explore various themes and aspects of thought, philosophy, metaphysics, and consciousness.

How its work
Philosophy Friday

Philosophy, comes from two latin words. philo and sophos. “Philo” means LOVE and “sophos” means WISDOM. Philosophy is essentially ‘The Love of Wisdom.’

For Philosophy Friday, each week you will receive fun and inspiring information in an easy to understand way of applying this knowledge and wisdom. Each week will be a different theme, featuring information on one or many of these subjects: natural health and healing, nutritional food preparation, ancient wisdom, metaphysics, esoteric and advanced yogic philosophy, inspiring quotes, parables and stories as well as an understanding of natural law and the nature of reality.

This will assist in anchoring you to a more comprehensive joyful life, releasing any pain and finding the true source of JOY which we all have within. The information will be shared with the intention on how best to connect to source, and start creating alignment in mind, body and soul. This will set into play a direction to align with all that is most desired, while bringing about a state of harmony with the world around. You will receive in your inbox every Friday the evolutionary information, knowledge and wisdom to uplift your spirit, create balance within and how best to navigate life while diving deep into the depths of YOU!

How its work
Sacred Saturday

Sacred Saturdays will be a weekly video training on how to create health in body, mind and spirit. Learn the secrets to perfected health, while exploring how to implement physical, emotional and mental changes within your self in order to release any blocks holding your body-mind and spirit back, opening up to all the beaYOUty that is within!

On the first and third Saturday there will be a video training with the founders Dr. Shawn and Bunni Miller to assist you each step of the way. Having them as your personal guides. Gain understanding of the what, why, and how to obtain optimal health, inner balance, and strengthen your spirit for unlimited potential, abundance and joy. Discussing natural law, physiology, how to get off your ‘die’t and get on a ‘live-it’, while reversing the aging process and learning the ancient secrets of longevity. The third Saturday will be for answering questions and expanding on the monthly theme that was shared at the beginning of the month on the first Saturday.

On the second Saturday of each month, advanced teacher, Olga Brennan will provide a specialized guided Shamanic Healing Meditation. This meditation can be used throughout the month to unlock the brains neural pathways. Through guided imagery and increasing connection to source, as well as association to the totality of sprit, the intention is to assist in quieting the mind, healing the body and finding balance within.

On the fourth Saturday we will be joined by the amazing advanced teacher and yogini, Kim Sol, who will create a specialized sacred yogic practice for you each month. Designed for beginners and advanced students, this series of yoga postures (asanas) and associated meditative practice, can be utilized once or every day of the month! This yogic practice is intended to guide you and allow opening up of our physical body as well as connecting our spirit to a deeper level of consciousness, while expanding our understanding of mind and body.

Learn the Esoteric Wisdom for Manifestation and (Wo)manifestation. Bringing into your life all that is desired, creating your dreams into reality through attraction, belief and spiritual practice.

Each week enjoy specialized information to create health and inner peace. Designed to assist and inspire you in development of mind, body, soul and spirit.

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Ancient Healing & Natural Health

Learn the sacred ancient secrets of optimal health and longevity.

Creating a body/mind that is flexible, pain free, tireless and unlimited in potential for energy and healing.

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Fall in LOVE with your SELF

Imagine having a best friend that loved the same music, movies, books, food etc, and loved all the same experiences that inspire you. Well you do! and that friend is YOU! Learn to fall in LOVE with your SELF. Realizing all the potential, innate wisdom and knowledge that we seek is within.

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Create inner B.A.L.A.N.C.E and inner peace.

The FUNdamental information to create a life of happiness, joy, fulfillment and spiritual abundance. Learn to manifest and (wo)manifest the spiritual wisdom creating dreams into reality.

If you don't take care of your body,
where are you going to live?

The body is the vehicle that houses our spirit and allows us the opportunity to enjoy the wonders and abundance of life and all creation. When the body is lacking in vitality, health and balance, we lower our threshold for true joy, fulfillment, inner balance and the ability to truly love ourselves and each other.

Each week we will discover new truths about creating optimal health, inner strength and peace, unlimited potential for power and attainment. How to challenge our programming and become truly healthy in mind body and spirit, while bringing all the aspects of our life into perfect balance.


Uncover the Ancient Secrets to the mysteries of the YOUniverse.

Through an understanding of metaphysics, spiritual truths, esoteric anatomy, inspirational philosophy, mythology, ancient wisdom, and natural health, we will unlock the hidden treasure map for abundance and everlasting happiness, joy, fulfillment, health and love.

Learn the secrets to manifesting and (wo)manifesting ‘The Secret.’

There is a law of attraction which states that whatever you focus your energy on will come back to you. By focusing on what you want to achieve, the law states that you will emit positive energy to attract those desired achievements to you. Positive energy attracts positive things into your life. This law governs our thinking and actions. We will explore how we can use this power to achieve anything you can imagine or most desire.

The one thing the law of attraction does not state, is that in order for this power to be used most effectively, our bodies have to be in perfected harmony and in tune with this energy. That is the true secret to ‘the secret’. Learning the secrets of health, and living according to the laws of nature, our body will become an instrument that we can use to tune directly and connect to these magical powers of attainment, fulfillment, abundance and joy. When the body is in perfect health, balance and alignment, it creates an antenna to source consciousness or universal energy, and this will allow us to endlessly create all that is most desired and for our highest spiritual good.

Discover the secrets to Perfect Health, create balance in your Mind, Body and Spirit.

No matter what label you put on dis-ease whether it be cancer, heart disease, diabetes, back pain, neck pain etc… It only means one thing, and that is, something in the body system is out of balance. In order to then heal and create a sense of ease, all we have to do is restore balance.

While learning to live according to the laws of nature, we bring our body and mind back into proper tune and alignment. As we get closer and closer to balance, we find a much deeper expression of life, creating joy and health in a tireless ageless body.

With LOVE ALL is possible!

Love may not make the world go round, it has mostly to do with gravity and planetary tilt, though, it does make the journey worthwhile. All the great sages spoke of love. This one aspect of human experience can create a depth of understanding, fulfillment, and joy. Thus creating a life of inner peace and happiness while providing us with the spiritual ingredients needed to realize our true potential, connecting us to source, our inner self, our mother nature, and to all those around us.

When we define our terminology we get a deeper understanding, Gd, defined in this information is not personified, though is a universal consciousness or a source consciousness that is present in all living things, from seed to star. Rumi once suggested “I searched for God and found only myself. I then searched for myself and found only God.” Through that understanding we can connect more deeply to the YOUniversal knowledge that we all have within. Learning these teachings allows us to truly biohack our spirit to release any imprisonment that we have created. Seeking isn't the challenge, thinking you found the answer in external form is.


To fall in love with your self is the first secret to happiness.

Imagine you had a best friend that you could hang out with 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This friend enjoyed the same music, same movies, had the same interests and shared in all your favorite experiences and adventures. Well you do! and, its name is YOU! By Learning to fall in love with yourself, we create a powerful connection and friend that guides us to create a life of abundance, prosperity, joy and truth. While living according to natural law, spirit and virtue, we connect with our higher self. This creates a powerful connection and allows us to find beaYOUty within each of us.

We learn the truth that really sets our spirit free! It has been said that God is love, if that is true, then the reverse would also be true, and that would be, LOVE is God. When we find love within we also connect to the YOUniversal knowledge of God as defined as a YOUniversal consciousness with each and every one of us!

Imagine feeling confident & secure, having a pain-free body with no anxiety, feeling balanced, fulfilled and truly loving yourself. Having a sense of joy and wonder, watching yourself improve and get better daily. Creating more understanding about your true self and the world around you.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
committed citizens can change the world
indeed! its the only thing that ever has.”

— Margret Meade

If everyone swept their own metaphysical doorstep, the whole world would be clean and a healthier space for all. There is a collective consciousness that we are all a part of and can become aware of. Understanding of this, can assist us in claiming our birthright of unconditional love and oneness. Allow us not to divide ourselves. This idea of separation was created to keep us from knowing the power we all have in YOUity.

No matter what creed, color, religion etc, we all have 206 bones under the skin and are all built similar. No matter if you subscribe to a certain religious belief or not, the ultimate goal has always been the same… YOUity with the divine, connection to source consciousness. Living according to the natural law, finding spiritual truths within, brings us closer to that connection, and creates a world of beaYOUty, abundance, and joy for all our brothers and sisters.

“As high as a tree aspires to grow so high will it find an atmosphere suited to it.”

— Margret Meade

We limit ourselves with our lack of understanding and inability to perceive truth. While working to create material wealth, we often become spiritually bankrupt. Our ego centered minds believe the material world is the real world. Once we center our energy and learn how to connect to source consciousness, we become manifestors and (wo)manifestors. We are then able to create the life of our most sacred dreams.

We ALL have unlimited power for attainment. Once we have understanding or our true nature, we have the potential for unlimited growth and success in all aspects, and the power and ability to create all possibilities.

We don't just live in the Universe the YOUniverse lives in us.

We are now living in a revolutionary and evolutionarily digitized renaissance. We have to strengthen our bodies to allow a stronger vibration. As you develop new levels of higher vibration and consciousness, you start to become more aware of certain subtleties within yourself, such as the world beyond even our five senses into the metaphysical experience. We all know about the five senses and have most likely heard about our sixth sense, or our innate intuitive faculty. What is needed most now, in this digitized age, is to discover our seventh and eighth senses!

The seventh sense being an understanding of common sense, and living according to natural law brings us more understanding, healing and happiness. Though with all the senses, the eighth sense, just may be the most important especially in these global times, and that is the sense of humor! With added knowledge and wisdom we can see through the lens of love and hold compassion and understanding for each other.

Truth is one, the sages speak of it by many names.

We will explore many different systems of spiritual thought and development. We will utilize metaphysical, mythological and esoteric concepts. Create an understanding of religious ideals not through dogma, but by understanding. Explore Spiritual wisdom taught in all the great mystery schools from Essene, Buddhist wisdom, mystic Christianity, Kabbalah, Hindu and Vedantic philosophies. Using Ashtanga (8 limbs) yoga and advanced yoga philosophy. Finding the similarities in all of these great philosophical systems of thought.

Exploring the different systems from Jain, Taoism, Yin-Yang, ancient Greek as well as Egyptian cultures. All of these great systems of spiritual development all pointing to the same conclusion, just expressing it differently based on the time they lived and vernacular used. These great teachings all had the experience of openness and willingness for the students to learn, regardless of the name. Each system stated them eloquently for the times they lived. We will find different ways of expressing universal truths. All the great teachings refer to YOU!

Have you died to your old self and patterns? Have you been reborn in spirit? Each week we will explore these ideals, esoteric and lost teachings through philosophy, metaphysics, anatomy, physiology and yogic powers. Guidelines for raising consciousness, internal vibration and spiritual power!

“Get off your Die-it, and get on a Live-it!”

If we want life out, we have to put life in! Eating foods that are dead, decayed, processed or refined, eliminate the elements and nutrients that our bodies most need to create a strong powerful body and mind. This ends up creating dis-ease and clogging of our internal body and weakening our mind power. With guidance on how to eat according to nature's law, how to regenerate the body through organ cleansing as well as specific recipes for health and vitality, We will create an understanding on how best to care for our human structure and body.

With our top soil being depleted and much of what we call food coming from chemicals, and dead animals, we create an environment that is not conducive for health and healing. With understanding, we have the potential for true health and longevity, having a powerful ageless tireless body.

“Re-examine all you’ve
learned in your churches,
books and schools, and
dismiss any of it which
insults your soul.”

— Walt Whitman

The first step to a spiritual path is challenging your programming. While some of it may be worth keeping, we may never know, unless we are willing to challenging it, and find out for ourselves what is truth and what is just programming. Most of us have grown up with certain ideals, certain thought processes, and specific direction of religious dogma or even spiritual truths. Examining all that we have been brought up to believe, can assist us gaining a truer understanding and eventually a realization of the truth and the nature of reality.

Are the teachings guiding you to become your highest most abundant self or are some of the limiting beliefs that we have all been programmed to believe limiting our highest potential for love, health, happiness, joy, abundance, prosperity and fulfillment?

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Learn the secrets of abundant health, and how to truly biohack your mind and body. Using Ancient Wisdom, and Natural Health, discover the secret to ‘The Secret’ in order to manifest and (wo)manifest all that is truly desired. Create a body mind of health, happiness, joy, fulfillment, expanding consciousness, inner peace and balance. Finding self love and YOUniversal connection to source.

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“Learning the true secrets of Manifestation! This is the secret sauce! I now know that I control my destiny and have within, the power to make it all happen! “


Jane Doe

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The information is timely, wise and effective. I always had a sense of a bigger picture, now, I have the knowledge as well as the tools needed to create true health, prosperity, and abundance in all area of my life!


Stephen D.

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The pieces now all fit! From ancient concepts to religious thought. We ALL have the potential for unlimited power and optimal health! Knowing how to tap into this wealth of knowledge and wisdom has given me back a sense of love for myself as well as an understanding on how to see the world and love the experience of being alive!


Kory M.

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The pieces now all fit! From ancient concepts to religious thought. We ALL have the potential for unlimited power and optimal health! Knowing how to tap into this wealth of knowledge and wisdom has given me back a sense of love for myself as well as an understanding on how to see the world and love the experience of being alive!


Mary Ann B.

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From the Founders

Dr. Shawn & Bunni Miller

Founders of


Join Dr. Shawn and Bunni Miller each week as they share the secrets to creating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. How to clean up your human eco system, cleansing the organs, releasing the physical, mental and emotional blocks, that may be holding us back. Finding love for yourself and others. Learning the ancient secrets to manifesting and (wo)manifesting the life you desire, with your most sacred dreams becoming a reality.

“Dr. Shawn has authored 3 books on reversing the aging process, ancient healing, natural heath as well as the healing secretes of the ancient Essenes; He has worked with and connected with many of our most revered health and spiritual leaders, pioneers and teachers. He has designed programs for many celebrities as well as professional athletes.”

Dr. Shawn has authored 3 books on reversing the aging process, ancient healing, natural health as well as the healing secretes of the ancient Essenes. He was concentrated co -arch bishop of the Essene community. He has spent the last 20 years writing, traveling, speaking on natural health and healing. He was in private practice for 18 years, where he administered over 200,000 healing treatment.

He has worked with and connected with many of our most revered health and spiritual leaders, pioneers and teachers. He has designed programs for many celebrities as well as professional athletes. Working with many of the top individuals in their respective fields, including an Olympic gold medalist. He has had lunch with the Dalai lama and has shared his philosophies and the ancient healing secrets of the Essenes to many of our most advanced Spiritual teachers. He studied with a master teacher for 20 years where he was taught the yogic practice of ‘yoga the master moves’. A lost system from ancient tibet designed to open up and activate all the physical potential in the human structure. He has shared this system with many of our advanced yoga gurus.

While traveling throughout North America, speaking at symposiums, summits and expos on health and consciousness, being featured in many tv talk shows, sharing and teaching at upper division University classes, Dr. Shawn’s mission has been simple and the same! To serve and assist as many people as divinely possible towards optimal health and spiritual well being. Awakening withinoursleves, the unlimited potential we all have in the developmentt of mind, body and soul. Finding love for our self, and love for the world around us. His love is working with all that are inspired by this information, sharing this wisdom of ancient healing and natural heath from teenager to senior. This knowledge can be used by anyone who has a desire for uplifting health, consciousness, and who truly wants a life of abundance and joy!

As far as Bunni, she has often feels that her husband, Dr. Shawn, is un relatable in his journey, because, he unlike most of us, got the lesson early. At 15 years old, Dr. Shawn, gave up candy, cake, ice cream sugar, refined foods, etc..and at 15 years old, Bunni, became bulimic, and was taking diet pills and put on prescription medication for depression, anxiety and a feeling of lack of self love. Dr. Shawn never got to the point of feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired, his journey started very young and has continued learning ever since!

When Bunni first met her husband, Dr. Shawn, she was ready for change because she knew the ‘rabbit hole;’ she was going down was leading to a life of more pain and suffering. Dr. Shawn guided Bunni to change her DIE-it and get on a LIVE-it! To create balance in her physically, clean up her body, cleanse her internal organs of elimination. He told her that… ‘i may not know how to unravel all that is in the mind and has occurred throughout your life, though, i know how to clean up the body, and what you do to he body, you do to the mind’.

This was great relief to Bunni, as she had struggled with unprocessed emotional pain, from trauma early in life. She had been put on psychiatric drugs for this trauma and had even been told she was born with a ‘broken brain’. Now in 40’s she feels inspired by life, she feels and looks better than she did in my early 20’s. The bulimia healed the day she met Shawn. She started to nurture her body and heal her mind. She found extreme joy in honoring her body as a temple with unlimited potential for health, healing and growth!